The work of the Cursillo Movement is the work of the whole church. The Servant Community is a way of distributing that work as well as a means of increasing the overall maturity of the Movement through its leaders. A Cursillo leader is one who helps a Cursillo community by “walking their talk” and showing the way in witness and love. Jesus did not give Peter a position or title, but a directive to serve: “Feed my sheep.” A leader is first and foremost a servant.
— NEC Library "Servant Community"

This committee assures a smooth Cursillo weekend by attending to palanca, the Agape meal, Music, the Prayer Chain and registration.  

We all remember with fondness the palanca from our weekend.  The palanca committee will make sure we have plenty of bags, placemats and palanca for those attending the weekend, including the general palanca from other Cursillo communities around the country & the world.  We also hope to post a calendar of Cursillo weekends out of our diocese so we can send palanca to them.  

The committee responsible for preparing the Agape meal always welcomes donations of food, beverages, plates/napkins/utensils as well as help setting up & cleaning up (both quite challenging!).  

The music committee will maintain our music books, updating them as needed.  They will also work with the musicians on team, practicing at team meetings and giving advice on how to be in the right place at the right time during the weekend.

The Prayer Chain committee will invite the 4th Day community to enfold the weekend in diligent prayer.  

Registration – this group will be responsible for being there Thursday evening to help distribute name placards and keys.  They will also be present before Clausura to create the list of parishes and clergy attending.

If you would like to serve the Three-Day Weekend Committee in some way, please let Libby know.  If you are already actively involved in some portion of this work, contact Libby as well so she can maintain a list of those active in the servant community.