A Note from Mark Rutledge, Lay Rector TEC#71

Cursillo changed my life. 

I know we are only supposed to send mature Christians there, but I wasn't a mature Christian when I went.  I did encounter Jesus, and felt I was in that "thin place" where Heaven and earth coexist. That mountain top experience is kept alive today in me via reunion group. I realize we all come to Cursillo when we are supposed to at different phases of our spiritual life.  There is no expectation that the Cursillistas of Cursillo 71 will have the same experience I had.

A good portion of the team has been selected. Initial meeting tentatively scheduled to be at my home in September and then a Friday night training at St. Paul's Murfreesboro in early October.

Please be thinking of those who might benefit by participating in Cursillo 71.


Posted on June 7, 2013 .