How I Spend My Summer Vacation

De Colores!

God willing, Tennessee Episcopal Cursillo (TEC) #73 will be my 21th weekend to serve on team. I made my Cursillo at TEC #46 in 1996, and Janelee Wise invited me to be on her team the following year.  The gift from my Cursillo weekend was learning that the tools of piety, study and action were less cumbersome and more organized than what I had been trying. Adopting their simpler discipline allowed me to stop struggling so hard to be a Christian.  I began to know Christ more personally. 

Being on Music Team revealed the gift of “servant leadership” and helped me find a better place with music.  Performing could still be intensely personal but even more fulfilling, as it was centered on God and wasn’t all about me or my vocal or instrumental abilities (or lack thereof). 

The key to leading singing is getting the song going in tune, on tempo, comfortable and compelling for folks to lift their voices in prayer and worship. The joy and excitement that singing creates in the Rollo room and at the Serenade are always wonderful. 

The presence of the Spirit invoked by prayer and “quiet music” during the Anointing in the Chapel is my closest moment on every weekend; I thank God always for the honor and privilege of being there.    

One of the unexpected gifts of Cursillo was that it introduced me to new friends and I developed relationships across the diocese with priests, musicians, and laity that I would have never gotten to know otherwise. 

In that process of using the tools (piety, study, action), being committed to a regular Group Reunion, experiencing the Cursillo method and its presentation on a number of weekends, and becoming more a Church musician, I began to realize Cursillo was one of my ministries. I served on the TEC Commission a couple of times and will continue to be active on Servant Community committees after I complete my term as Commissioner following the 2016 Annual Convention. 

Remember that we hold Weekends to create Group Reunions. If you are not grouping, please consider renewing that commitment and using that discipline again. Attend an Ultreya and seek others who are looking to group. 

If you want to be on a weekend team (or be on team again), visit the TEC website and complete the form so we will know your interest. Attend a Servant Community meeting and see how you can help on a committee. Consider a regular donation to TEC to help cover the cost of someone’s weekend or make a memorial donation to cover the new Alleluia III songbooks.  


Jim Rutledge, TEC 46

Posted on August 18, 2015 .