Remember your weekend.

How was your Cursillo weekend?

Did you love it? Do you want others to experience it?  Long ago, in a time far away (TEC, years ago), we had a benefactor who contributed each year to cover the cost of the weekend.  Any registration fees paid by the team and participants was gravy.  Unfortunately, that time has passed. 

Do you remember the Sunday reflection, “Sermon on the Amount?”  Probably not; you were overwhelmed with so much at that point.  Currently, it costs approximately $220 per person (per team member, per participant) for the weekend; we ask that all pay $50 to attend, and request that any team member add as they are able, up to the $200.  Does $200 seem too high for 3 days & nights as well as 8 meals & endless snacks?  I’ll be going to the mountain in January for a workshop; I’ll be paying $80/night to stay at the Smoke House Inn….no meals included!

We have reached a point where we need your generosity.  If your experience was worth a donation of $10, please click the link below.  If you want to share $50, great.  A $200 donation will almost cover the weekend for someone else.  If you feel called to share a larger amount – we’ll put it to good use!  The important part to remember is – any donation you feel led to make is so very helpful, regardless of the amount.  You can even  have your bank account charged monthly with a recurring gift to TEC.

As we approach this time of giving thanks, please remember Tennessee Episcopal Cursillo.


Posted on February 9, 2016 .