Tell your story.

On Saturday, Feb. 6th, I represented Cursillo at the Diocesan Convention at St’ George’s Church in Nashville.  Thanks to all that dropped by.  Did you get your pin?  Due to the convention having to be rescheduled because of weather, they were not many display tables occupied.  We were all in the hallway between the Library and the Sanctuary. Our Cursillo table was located right outside the men’s restroom.  I found this most opportunistic. 

Across the hall was a display table for the Thistle Farm with 2 ladies from there working to sell their goods.  Yes, I purchased some – for two important people in my life.  About mid-morning and during a time in which the delegates were busy being delegates, a member of the staff of St. George’s struck up a conversation with the ladies from the Thistle Farm.  I was close enough to overhear without eaves dropping.  She was telling him about Thistle Farm and its founder, who was in attendance of the convention.  But what really caught my ear was that Karen, one of the ladies from the Farm, began to tell him her story - her story of drugs, alcohol and much more.  She told of how low she was at one time in her life and that without Jesus and the Thistle Farm, she would not have survived.  She told of how, even today, now that she is clean, still working with the Thistle Farm and leaving on her own, how important her relationship with Jesus Christ is.  She told her story.

Hearing Karen’s story or part of her story, reminded me of my own story.  It reminded of that moment when I first realized that Jesus loves me, in spite of myself.  My personal relationship with Christ became that mutual relationship on the Mountain – when I made my Cursillo in 1998.  Karen and I do not have lives that have the same experiences but yet we both love Christ and know that Christ loves us.  We actually talked about that.  There is much more to Karen’s story and to my story as well. 

Have you shared your story?  We all have a story to tell.  Telling your story can be therapeutic - not for you but for someone that may need to hear it or like me, someone close enough to listen.  Our Group Reunion card asks us if we have a specific plan to witness.  Be observant of those opportunities. 

Tell your story.

Peace to you all.

Pat Dunnavant  

Posted on February 16, 2016 .