Jesus loves me, this I know.

Recently,  TN Episcopal Cursillo published a report by Pat Dunnavant of his attendance at the diocesan convention. In it he tells that he became aware of Jesus' love for him on his mountain weekend in 1998. I say the same though it was later in 2011 and I was quite a bit older. 

To finally understand the song, "Jesus loves me, this I know" was an indescribable joy, revelation, and relief.

I had been a committed Christian most of my life, but that commitment had been based much more on obligation than on relationship.  Cursillo has allowed me to know God as my loving Father, saving brother, supporting Spirit.  Cursillo brought me into true connection with the Christian family. I had been a member on the edge.  Cursillo has brought me in, closer to God and to the other members of the family, showing me how to be one that reaches out to strengthen connections to others.

I've just returned from a long overdue reunion with my brother in Atlanta.  It was prompted by an unexpected, casual phone call.  God often presents us with obvious opportunities for connecting with family members.  If we accept those opportunities the result can be an experience of renewing the spark of His love that waits in potential for our awareness. 

Group reunion experiences wait for us with that same potential. Taking the opportunity to reconnect with those Cursillo family members  renews and strengthens our connections to our friends, members of the Cursillo communion, and to God.  We receive that spark of Energy, God's love, and leave the meeting ignited.  We can live more fully, aware and open to the possibilities God presents for our growth into that person accepted in love by Him and equipped to live in His will.

We can live with our senses open to the full beauty and diversity of God's invitation to connect with Him.  De Colores!

- Patricia Petty 

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Posted on January 10, 2017 .