The work of the Cursillo Movement is the work of the whole church. The Servant Community is a way of distributing that work as well as a means of increasing the overall maturity of the Movement through its leaders. A Cursillo leader is one who helps a Cursillo community by “walking their talk” and showing the way in witness and love. Jesus did not give Peter a position or title, but a directive to serve: “Feed my sheep.” A leader is first and foremost a servant.
— NEC Library "Servant Community"


Kent Sterling, chair

Tami Sterling, chair

During the period of pre-Cursillo, sponsors (i.e. those individuals that have been to the three-day Cursillo weekend and are living the Fourth Day) identify those individuals who are leading an active Christian life and are a living witness to their love for Christ, recommending their candidacy.  It is also the period that selected candidates are informed of what to expect at the three-day weekend and are assisted in appropriate preparations.

Sponsorship- In order for Cursillo to be a force for positive change in the Church, sponsorship must be seen as one of the most crucial elements in the development of persons who will be active in the Fourth Day.  Sponsorship of a candidate for a three-day Cursillo weekend occurs when a Cursillista identifies a person with the potential of making an environment more Christian. It is an honor to be asked to attend a Cursillo weekend and it is a great responsibility to be asked to be a sponsor.  Everyone who has attended a Cursillo Weekend has done so because someone thought enough of them as a Christian to invite them.

Sponsorship is an activity of the local Cursillo Movement, and the process begins with the Cursillo Commission and the Servant Community. The Pre-Cursillo Committee plays a vital role in communicating with sponsors prior to a three-day weekend.  Sponsors need to be reminded of all their responsibilities toward the candidates, such as explaining what Cursillo is, introducing the candidates to the Fourth Day, determining their willingness to participate, praying for them during this process, taking the candidates to and from the weekend site, mobilizing palanca for the candidates, participating in the scheduled events during the Weekend, attendance at the Fourth Day workshop and assisting the candidates in finding and joining a reunion group. Sponsors may also be expected to discuss the cost of the Weekend with candidates.  LEARN MORE ABOUT SPONSORSHIP HERE

Registration Letters- In order for the three-day Cursillo weekend to be as meaningful as possible for the selected candidates they should be informed in advance of what to expect during the weekend.  The Pre-Cursillo Committee develops and delivers registration letters to the candidates. The registration letters describe for the candidates the preparations that they should make for attendance at the weekend, including items to bring for the weekend, suggestions for clothing, etc.  The registration letter is intended to both guide the candidate in preparing for the weekend and also to help alleviate any fears or concerns that the candidate might have about the weekend.  VIEW OUR REGISTRATION FORM HERE

Congregational Visits-The Pre-Cursillo Committee is instrumental in helping to identify potential candidates for the three-day Cursillo weekends.  This process of course is ongoing in the home parishes of the members of the Fourth Day community.  Many parishes are, however, more active in the Cursillo movement than others.  One of the key roles of the Pre-Cursillo Committee will be to identify and reach out to parishes within the Diocese that are not as active, or are not active at all, in the Cursillo movement and arrange meetings within the parish, first with the clergy and then, with the clergy’s assistance, with members of the parish who have expressed interest in, or might be expected to express interest in, Cursillo.  Members of the Pre-Cursillo Committee will undertake, during these visits, to explain the Cursillo movement to those interested, to provide literature for them to study, and to provide the means for interested individuals to communicate with members of the Fourth Day community.  Pre-Cursillo Committee members will remain in contact with the clergy and interested members of these parishes.