Registration & Sponsoring a Candidate

In the world today, how can Christianity penetrate the many areas of secular life?  How can we be a force to transform the world? We believe that Cursillo, a tool of the Episcopal Church, offers a method to raise up leaders in and through the Church to help it live out the Great Commission in our time and place by transforming the environments in which we live, work, and worship. Cursillo is Spanish for “short course.” This “short course” in Christianity begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday late in the afternoon. During these three days, participants live, study, and worship together. Removed from the distractions of daily life, they hear stories of how God has transformed lives and discuss talks on the Christian life given by both clergy and laity.  The atmosphere on a Cursillo weekend is one of joy, fun, and Christian fellowship at its best.  This weekend experience focuses on the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.  A powerful means of preparing church members to better serve their Lord, Cursillo is an effective tool for teaching us about and for helping us grow into the call Christ sends to each of us to be workers in God’s vineyard. If you are an Episcopalian 21 years of age or older who wants to be a servant for Christ and his church, then Cursillo is for you!

 Cursillo #77 is October 3-6, 2019

DuBose Conference Center 635 College St, Monteagle, TN 37356