De Colores!  I have been honored to serve on the TEC Commission.  My term has expired and I have attended my last Commission meeting – at least for a while.  I am very thankful to have worked with great people to have a common goal – promote Cursillo and its method at our own parishes and throughout the diocese.  Leaving the Commission does not change my goal as a member of the 4th Day. Please consider how you may also promote Cursillo and its method where you can.

For the first time in several years, TEC will have a spring Weekend!  It is set for April 26-29 at Dubose Conference Center.  Your participation and support will be appreciated.  Charlie McClain is the Lay Leader of the spring Weekend – TEC # 76.  Charlie has put a fine team together.  Now it is up to us, the 4th Day, to provide candidates – through prayerful sponsorship.  If you have someone that you think would make a good candidate, ask God, ask their priest, and then ask your friend. 

 It’s never too early to send registrations to TEC.  You can obtain the registration form from the TEC website: http://  You can also email TEC at and request a registration form be sent to you. 

2018 looks to be a busy year for the TEC Commission and the 4th Day.  We are having a spring Weekend and a fall Weekend (Oct. 25-28).  We will also be having the 2nd Annual (hopefully) Fourth Day Focus: Renew, Refresh & Reconnect.  The 2nd Fourth Day Focus will be held on Saturday, July 14th, at St. Paul’s in M’boro.  Please make plans to attend.  This was a great event in 2017 and should be equally as good this year.

Let us reflect on our experience when we made our Cursillo Weekend.  Is there someone you feel would enjoy and benefit from making a Weekend?  Prayerfully consider being a sponsor.  And please keep Charlie and the team for Weekend #76 in prayer.


Pat Dunnavant






Pray for other Cursillo weekends.

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